Element Project

Element Project

Objective: To create a model of an element of your choice that will allow you to remember the differnet components of the atom. 

Who: This project will be complete individually

When: We will be working on this project starting on 4/26 and will contiune to work on it until we are done wiht this unit. The anticipated due date is 5/7.

What: Something like the image below. Please you your own creativity to make it meaningful to YOU!



  • Because this is a creative project, I would like you to use your imagination. Yes, there will be certine structures that will be required to be present, but you can descide what they are and how you do it. (cake, jello, foam, the list goes on!) 
  • The following atomic structures are required
    • electrons
    • protons
    • neutrons
    • correct orbitals shels for electrons
  • On a card that is somehow attached please include the following
    • Element name
    • symbol
    • atomic number
    • atomic mass
    • number of electrons
    • protons
    • neutrons
    • your name
    • period
    • colored key for protons, neutrons, electrons found on model.

Pass Objectives:

 Process Standard 2: Classify - Classifying establishes order. Objects, organisms, and events are classified based on similarities, differences, and interrelationships. The student will accomplish these objectives to meet this process standard.

1. Using observable properties, place an object, organism, and/or event into a classification system (e.g., dichotomous keys).

2. Identify properties by which a set of objects, organisms, and/or events could be ordered.



Element Project:


Correct number of protons & placement of protons in the model:    

____________ (50)

Correct number of neutrons & placement of neutrons in the model:

____________ (50)

Correct number of electrons & placement of electrons in the model:

____________ (50)

Respective sizes of protons, neutrons, and electrons is correct:

(i.e. protons and neutrons are the same size electrons are smaller)                 ____________ (50)



Contains the students name and period:

____________ (50)

Contains the atoms name

____________ (50)

Correctly identifies the protons, neutrons, and electrons

____________ (50)

Correctly tells how many electrons are in the K, L, M, shells

____________ (50)

Overall Construction & Neatness:


Did not do      Poor     Average           Above                         Outstanding

(0)                    (4)        (6)                    (8)                    (10)                              ____________ (100)




Total Points ____________ (500)