Parent Resources

Parents, here is a page just for you! Use this to help your student succeed, inside and outside of the classroom! 

-Ms. Weinreislaugh

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb


Helpful Links

  • Scholastic Book Club : Our class code is 39684 use this site to order books that your kiddo would enjoy reading!
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets : use this website to practice reading comprehension together! Select 5th grade and your students reading level. If you have any questions about where your student is reading at, feel free to email me! laugh
  • Spelling Worksheets : use any of these worksheets to practice spelling together 
  • Grammar Worksheets : choose any part of speech and get extra practice
  • : use this cite to print off grade level books and activties
  • : hear storybooks being read aloud and access activities for each book 


At Home Activities & Games


Have your kiddo write a story using a dice. link



Play a game of Reado. Try to get five in a row! link

Challenge each other to a letter scavenger hunt!

  • Each player has a task to find an object that begins with each letter of the alphabet
    • Can be one, a few, or all letters at a time YOU GET TO DECIDE!! 
  • Once complete you have a few options...
    • sort the items into groups --- have your student explain why they sorted them in that way
    • tell a story using the items
    • compare items to see who was the most creative

Play Charades with Vocabulary Words or Spelling Words

This week's spelling words are: 

This week's vocabulary words are: 

Projects to Make

  • Make a paperchain using each weeks spelling words. 
    • Cut strips of paper and write one spelling word on each sheet
    • Connect the strips to one another making a chain

Helpful Information

  • Read, Read, Read: The best thing you can do is have your student read, or read to your student. The more words they hear, the more developed their vocabulary
  • Don't focus your student on reading speed, focus on reading comprehension
    • Periodically ask your student for a summary of what they're reading
  • If youre student is struggling to read, work on blending  together sounds that make words (we call this phonemic awareness) 
    • The amount of letters does not effect the amount of sounds
      • eg. Shoe = /sh/ /u/
  • When reading together, ask your kiddo to make predictions, summarize, and answer questions using evidence from the story
    • It is also helpful to help them make text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections