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Sandy Run Middle School - Upper Dublin School District

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 Social Studies 

4/29 - Read and outline section 3 of the textbook (pp134-139) by Thursday 5/1

Quiz on 4/29 -sections 2 & 3 - and all of the material that goes with it.

Thurs 5/8 - Test on ancient China

Essay Questions for ancient China test (15 points each)

 How did the physical geography of China’s river valleys affect the development of its civilization? 

Why did Confucian philosophy have such a great impact on life in ancient China?



4/28 - 4 paragraphs on field trip due - quiz grade

4/30 - signed science test

4/28 - 5/1 book covered by Friday 5/2

5/6 bring in a wallet sized photo of you and have your letter to Mrs. Smith typed