Reading-Theme One-Finding a Way

Theme One-Finding a Way


1)  Rope Burn

2)  Line Drive 

3)  Chang and the Bamboo Flute

4)  The Daring Nellie Bly

5)  It Takes Talent


Introducing the Theme Concept


We face challenges every day-some small and some great. Often, we must look within ourselves to find ways to overcome these challenges. In unit one, the characters discover their inner strenghts and find ways to succeed.



Theme Two-Common Goals


1)  The Night of San Juan

2)  When the Circus Came to Town

3)  When Washington Crossed the Delaware

4)  Leonardo's Horse

5)  The Secret Ingredient


Introducing the Theme Concept


When people combine their unique talents and abilities, they are able to reach goals that would be impossible for one individual to achieve. In this unit, the students will read about people who reach out to one another to attain a common goal.