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Tips to break rock for a landscaping project in the garden

The biggest problem when you want to set up a landscape in a garden is the big rocks. You are not ready, nor are you equipped to deal with these rocks properly. The heaviness and the size of the stone do not make it feasible to lift it or to roll it away with any means. In such cases, the only option you have is to break the rock. With the proper know-how, you can break the rock into a manageable size. Here, we take a look at how to achieve this. Royexsystem can help you to make a rock breaking work without hamperinh environment.

The first step would be placing the rock on a flat surface if you can. Alternatively, attempt to move the rock towards a flat surface. The reason is simple; the rock should stay still when you attempt to break it. Remember, when trying to break a rock, the fly rocks will be an issue. So, commence the breaking work isolating the surroundings and wear proper safety gears.


The sledgehammer is going to be your companion and before delivering the blows, examine it properly if it is in proper shape. It may happen; the sledgehammer develops cracks in the shaft or the head. Of course, you do not want to compromise with security. When you are all set, identify a point to hit the rock with the sledgehammer. You should hit the same spot repeatedly, and eventually, the rock will break. The hitting location should be accessible, and you should be able to hit it with little difficulties. The key to successful rock breaking is appropriately holding the sledgehammer. If you are using the tool for the first time, you can try to take an idea from the tutorial videos. Additionally, you can practice using it before you deliver the real blows on the large rock. Generally, the hand which you use for working should control the precision, and the other hand should control the balance and swing of the sledgehammer.

Depending on the size of the rocks you can also attempt to break the rock with a regular hammer. In such cases, remember to use the proper means of disposal for clearing the debris. With the right approach and technique, it should not be difficult for you to manage the rock, no matter how much big it is. Hope, now you find it easy to control the rock and get on with your landscaping project successfully.