7th Grade Computer Notes


7th Grade Computer Notes:


Day 1:


Internet- Collection of interconnect networks.


IP Address or IP Number- Internet Protocol. A number consisting 0f 4 parts separated by dots. Each machine on the internet has its own IP address. Machines may also have a domain name.


ISP- Internet Service Provider – sell internet connections.


URL- Uniform Resources Locator.  The Address of a web document.


There are 4 parts to URL: 1) Type of file,  2) Domain Name, 3) Path or Directory, 4) Name of file and its extension file.


Domain-  The domain name tells you who made (published) a page and who put it on the web.


Site- One web page


Web-Site:  A page in which several sites are gathered (links).


Link- The URL placed in another document or site. When you click on a link it retrieves the outside URL


“Limk Rot”