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Stop-Motion Animation : Home Page


Introduction- You will create a stop-motion movie. 
First we will learn what claymation/ stop-motion is and how it works :
  1. You will write a storyline- Click Here for More Info and Examples on Storyline
  2. You will create a foreground and background for your scenery- Click here for more info and examples on Scenery
  3. You will create a Stop-Motion film using a series of snap-shots that are uploaded into Windows Live Movie Maker. You will edit the movie. Click here for Process Page.
 Student and Teacher Resources-  Click here for Resource Page, view stop-motion animation cartoons and examples. "Chicken Run" is an example of stop-motion movies. Claymations are also stop-motion products.
Conclusions/Summaries- Click here for Conclusions Page


Get 2 Months for $5!