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Statistical Data

Lesson 2.5 (Textbook p. 79)

Goals: 1) Identify and examine the parts of bar graph. 2) Create a bar graph using statistical date.


Data- Information

Bar Graph- a type of graph in which the lengths (height) of the bars are used to represent and compare data. A numerical scale is used to determine length of of the bars. 


Learning about bar graphs: Click Here

Interpreting Bar  Graphs:  Click Here

Bar Graph Interactive (Plotting Data and Examining Data with Dick and Dom): Click Here

Assignments: 1)Use data found in problems 5, 6, 7, 8,  on p. 81 in math book to create graphs Graph Generator (Click Here).

                        2) Answer problem number 9 at bottom of p. 81 using the graph you created for Prob. # 7 "Cost of Food"



 A. Teacher Resources Click Here

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