Computer Project- Inventor

 1st Paragraph  Introduction includes inventor’s name, what they invented, why the invention is valuable, and a concluding sentence (4 sentences).                          
 2nd Paragaph  When born, Where born, Information on childhood or family,Fun facts,When they started inventing,When they died, and Concluding Sentence (5 sentences)          
 3rd Paragraph  - The name of the invention and year created
- How and why the invention was created
- How the invention has been impoved
(how it was made better)
- Last, explain if the invention has become a part of other inventions (i.e. the gas engine became a part of the lawn mower, the lightbulb became a part of cars, etc.)
 4th Paragraph

- Explain Why you chose the inventor as your topic.
-Explain why you think the inventor and his invention are important.
-Last, explain how the inventor is recognized today for what they have there a museum, can you visit their lab, factory, home, etc.




 Explain any important info you learned about the inventor and their invention(s).
Use these as sentence starters:
- I was surprised to learn that......
- I did not know that....
- I found it strange that....
-Tell us how easy or hard this project was and why.
 Resources  • You will need at least 3 different sites.
• You will have a picture of the inventor and their invention(s).
• You will supply the URL addresses.

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