Tech Tips

Tech Tips:

 Helpful suggestions for you and your computer.



  1. Creating a shortcut (Icon on Desktop) for a site: Right click anywhere on blankspot of the web oage screen, select "Create Short." When box appears asking if you want a shortcut added to your Desktop, click "Yes."
  2. Renaming a a shortcut (Icon on Desktop): Right click on the icon or present name of it, select "Rename". Type in the blank box the new name. Click  outside the box and the new name should appear.


  1. Open internet browser page (Explorer)
  2. Click on "Tools" tab.
  3.  Click on "Internet Options" at bottom of list.
  4. Under "Browsing History" click the "Delete."
  5. You may go through and delete files, history, cookies, and password sections on by one and confirm you want to delete each or you may click "Delete All" and confirm.
  6. Click "Ok"  at bottom of box when finished.


Delete Documents, Pictures, Files

 & Emptying Recycle Bin:

You may free up memory in your computer by deleting old documents, pictures, and files that are not being used. Please consider transfering items to a disk or flash-drive before doing a final delete from a computer.

    There are two ways to delete items: 1 by 1 or a mass delete of all items:

1 by 1: Right click on the item name and select "Delete." Confirm the delete.

Mass Delete: While in the file listing, left click and drag in a blank white spot making a large square shape around items to be deleted.....this will turn the items a darker shade and a shadow will cover the square....right click and select "Delete." Confirm the delete.  This may have to be done several times over other items to delete all items you have selected to delete.

Empty The Recycle Bin: Click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop screen. Click on the "V" pointing down at end of addressbar ( by the "Go"). Select "Recycle Bin". If any documents, pictures, and file names are list click "Empty Recyle Bin" on left side of box or you may also right click and select "Empty Recyle Bin." Confirm that you wish to empty the bin.