Dividng Fractions



Dividing Fractions:

Simple Fraction (no mixed): To divide a simple fraction you must multiply the 1st fraction by the reciprocal of the 2nd fraction. To make the reciprocal you "flip" the second fraction. For example 5/15 divided by 2/3 would become 5/15 multiplied by 3/2.  We would next solve the problem like any other multtiplying fraction problem using all the steps we have  already studied.

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Try some more simple division problems  (leave answer improper for this site) : Click Here


Dividing Mixed Fractions: Make the mixed improper. The 2nd fraction that is made improper is then flipped and we multiply:

Quiz A

Quiz #1

Quiz 2

Quiz # 3


Dividing Visual Fractions

Dividing Fractions Basketball

Dividing Fraction Soccer

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