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This website is a way for the Wellness team to reach students on and off of campus. The Wellness Program promotes positive emotional and social outcomes for students! 


Special Message:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p87NVDaIieY&feature=youtu.be




Each day we will have a new message! 


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This is where Wellness videos and assignments will be posted:

Wellness Week 6

These are the instructions, resources, and materials for Week 6:

It is crazy to think we have been doing school this way for 6 weeks now. Follow the instructions below to complete this week’s Wellness actvities:


This week we are exploring how emotions feel inside of our body. You will complete one activity of your choice:

  1. Use the worksheet provided to describe how your body feels when you feel certain emotions


  1. Outline your entire body on a sidewalk with chalk and draw how your body feels when you feel certain emotions


For example: when you feel sad, does your head hurt? When you feel nervous, does your tummy have butterflies? When you are angry, do you clench your fists? 

Go to the Wellness website and watch Miss Bri do these activities! 



Important Notes: write down the things you need to accomplish, number the list by what is most important

When: Each day before you start working

Where: A quiet area

How does it help? Helps you stay organized and accomplish more 


Please tune into the weekly zoom meeting! Every Thursday at 2 (meeting schedule is attached).

K-2nd Code: 424-309-263 Password: school

3rd-5th Code: 273-975-362 Password: school

6th-8th Code: 908-887-277 Password: school


Please remember if you want to schedule a private Zoom meeting or phone call you can contact Miss Tiffini or Miss Bri:

Miss Tiffini: tmoreland@acornontessori.com

Miss Bri: bmccoy@acornomontessori.com 


For daily videos, lessons, and resources check out the Wellness website: wellnessprogram.educatorpages.com


Don’t forget about the behavior tracking sheet! Any students who return this to the Wellness Center when we return to school will receive the same rewards they would on a typical school day. (This can be found in the downloads) 


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Free breakfast & lunch programs:

The Humboldt School District will be providing free prepackaged breakfast and lunch meals to all children who are 18 years and younger.

Meal service will be offered from 11:30 to 1:00 Monday through Friday. Breakfast for the following day will be given out during lunch.

Please note that we are not open at breakfast but a breakfast meal for the following day will be given during lunch service the day before.

Meals will be given in a walk-up/drive-through fashion. There will be no congregate seating. All pick up location are outside.

Meals will be offered at the following sites:

Lake Valley Elementary School: School Bus Drop Off

Coyote Springs Elementary School: Front of School Office

Humboldt Elementary School: Front of School Office

Mountain View Elementary School: Front of School Office

We encourage any families or children, regardless of where you live, to utilize our free meal program at this time.

Our team takes the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread very seriously. In addition to our outstanding food safety and cleaning procedures, we are also following the CDC guidelines to further protect our staff, students and community during this time.

Please call 928-759-5014 if you have any questions.

HUSD Child Nutrition