Classroom Technology Rules


                            Why do we need specific rules for using technology in the classroom?

                                     Basic classroom rules do not usually cover technology or the situations students can be in using technology. 

                                Technology is a huge part of education now.

                                 Rules keep students safe. 

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Watch the video below for basic classroom rules for technology:




Our Classroom Technology Rules:

Always ask permission before using computers or tablets

Only visit classroom appropriate/ approved sites

Do not click on ads

Never give out personal information or passwords

Report anything suspicious to your teacher

Only print with permission

Do not change desktop settings

No food or drinks near computers or tablets

Respect all devices


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Click here for an example of a classroom's introductory video to technology rules.


Computers need to always be handled with care.

It is important to remind students that the devices are a privilege to use. 

Keeping food and drink away from devices prevents spills from ruining them. 

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Click here for for an example of computer lab rules. 





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