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What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is "internet etiquette", which means proper/polite behavior on the internet. Social media, email, website commenting, etc. are all common forms of internet usage that need knowledge of Netiquette. 





Why is Netiquette Important?

Netiquette is essential because communicating on the internet is non-verbal. Things typed can be easily misunderstood due to not being able to read facial expressions. Following netiquette makes online communication clear and helps prevent any conflict or hurt feelings. Behaving well online builds a positive reputation that influences future college options and career choices. Posting the wrong thing, no matter the reason, could affect if a college or job chooses you. 





Examples of Netiquette Include:

Being conscious of other's feelings

Avoid conflict

Respect others and their privacy

Check what you type before you post or comment

Avoid using sarcasm or jokes (it can be misinterpreted)


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For more information on Netiquette click here to watch a fun video describing it further. 



Remember the most important thing. . .


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