Arrival and Departure Procedures for 2020-2021

Arrival Procedure (7:30-7:45)

*2nd grade students arriving before 7:45 am should report to the east blacktop. They will be directed to a color coded spot (blue dots) to designate where they should stand on the blacktop.   *Any morning bus rider (PreK-5) who plans to eat breakfast should enter through the east door after having his/her temperature checked. They will then proceed down the east hallway to the cafeteria.

* All students arriving after 7:45 am should enter through the front door. They will have their temperature checked before entering. They will then proceed to their classroom.

Dismissal Procedure

Second graders will exit through the east doors. Students will be dismissed at 3:15 pm. Bus riders will go directly to the bus.  Walkers will immediately go to the crosswalk by walking in front of the building.  Students who ride with a parent or other adult will be dismissed when theat person makes contact with the child.  

Mrs. Toedman asks that parents physical distance while waiting for their child(ren).  Once you have your child(ren), she asks that you do not mingle on the school grounds.