Our Classroom Website

Welcome to 2nd Grade and Room 8!  Our classroom theme is Superheroes.  What is your child's superpower?  Is it kindness?  Is it patience?  It is determination?  It will be fun seeing everyone's superpowers shine!  We will learn a lot, and we will have fun doing it!  Our classroom expectations are: 

Respect Rules:  

  • We will raise our hands to speak.

  • We will treat others with respect.


 Responsibility Rules:

  • We will stay on task during class.

  • We will remain seated unless otherwise instructed.

  • We will listen to and follow directions, first time given.

  • We will turn in completed homework on time and bring materials to class to complete work.


Safety Rules:

  • We will keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.

  • We will listen to and follow directions.

-Let's make 2020-2021 awesome!