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WebsitePersonal Reflection IXL has a lot of great games and activities for kids to use, and teachers to reference. I use this quite often in my classroom and find it very helpful.  This is a great site for students, teachers and parents for on-line games and activities to support student learning in the classroom.  It is a Canadian based website from the University of Waterloo for grades 4, 5 and 6.  “We have created a series of free self-contained 45 to 70 minute lessons. Each lesson combines an excellent mathematics game or technological tool with appropriate printable paper and pencil follow-up exercises. We have also made the 'word documents' for the follow-up exercises available to parents and teachers so that each may easily adjust specific questions to better suit the needs of his/her student(s). Expectations from the Ontario curriculum are always addressed. Most of our lessons have been taught in a variety of classroom settings.” Peg but very frustrating puzzles eWorkshop – Online Teaching ResourceOnline resource developed for elementary teachers by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It includes modules on Numeracy with videos of teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans and more. Great examples of teaching the 3-part lesson.For grades K – 6  A great teacher resource for lesson material in mathematics.  There are infinite number of lessons and activities by grade level and links provided to other sites by math strands. Very useful across all grades.  Illuminations Internet-based lesson plans (from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in the U.S.)Includes 606 lessons plans for grades k – 12 from the 5 math strandsUp-to-date and reflects the standards of practice JUMP Math is a great resource for rich problems you can use in your plans. They also provide some early finisher activities like games as well as extension activities.

Math Central
A place to check out if you're stumped on a tricky math problem. It gives answers to questions you ask and has lots of information on different math areas. This can be used by students at all levels. It even provides a discussion forum for teachers.

The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Math a question and you'll get an answer. This Forum is a resource for you and your teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, together with a FAQ
Excellent as a homework helper, to reinforce the concept given in class.   Cool articles that make you think and give you good ideasVideos that are nicely done and easy to understandYou can sign up to a math newsletter with just your name and an email addressClean site – really easy to navigate Love the “7 Ways to Wrangle a Word Problem”A little too much “pushing” of Discovery Toys (but you probably have access to many of the same types of things that can be substituted)Not all of the articles/ideas are supportive of modern theories on how math is learned (pick and choose what you can add to your schema)

This resource is arranged according to the math curriculum to help you improve your math skills. Features include the best web sites for math, homework helpers and math tools.,, Great math lesson ideas, resources, and blogsVery well organized links to sites covering a variety of topics (like printable graph paper, math blogs, games, videos, etc.)It’s easy to follow the site on twitter (mathlinks)The creator (Simon Job) has his bookmarks available on the main site as well so visitors to his site can see other blogs and sites that he finds interestingIt’s Australian so there are some differences in language (for example, the word “indices” is used instead of “exponents” to describe order of operations) Math WireUpdated every month, this site is also has an alphabetical Search of Math Topic link, which is very convenient for teachers. Lots of printout math games - perfect for math centre. is a great collection of "Virtual Manipulatives" - interactive, web-based activities or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets. Easy to use website for students K-12. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:Decent on-line use of manips via games and activities.  These can lead to the use of hands on manips when problem solving.    Not linked to the Ontario Curriculum.This website provides teachers with virtual manipulatives that can be used in the classroom. It is especially great with the use of a SmartBoard. You can access resources specifically by strand and by grade level. plethora of resources for a math teacher – WOWThere are posters, lesson ideas, scholarly articles, links to interactive activities, etc.You can look through information according to the level of your learnersCan’t think of one – maybe there’s so much stuff you can get lost in there and never get out? to find links to many excellent virtual manipulatives. great resource for teachers to generate worksheets and problem solving material in math for any grade by topic listing.  Math Worksheet Site.comWith The Math Worksheet Site you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to easily customize each worksheet to target your student's specific needs. Every worksheet is created when you request it, so they are different every time. This way you can add the practice that your student needs to a curriculum you already like, or you can be freed from the constraints of a workbook or textbook that gives either too much or too little practice if you would rather direct the studies yourself. Really cool videos and images related to math that are interesting and engaging to kids of any age (example, video on Jacob Barnett, a kid with Asperger’s syndrome who is also a physics genius)The people posting on the blog really LOVE math and want everyone else to love it tooLinks to many other math blogsThere’s a link in the top menu that takes you to some awesome articlesIt’s a blog so you really have to skim and scan to find the good ideas applicable to you and what you need
http://www.321know.comThis covers the same material as  Learn, Practice, Play. Explore - these are the sections of this interactive website which provides easy understand lessons for the student, with examples to follow, and then an opportunity to practice the skill before getting into a game, and then a follow up by exploring other questions.  Immediate feedback is one of the real advantages of using on-line tools for learning. It is sorted by grade level and by math concept.  Awesome site for students to save in their favourites.  I use this site because in any given day, I can be supporting kids from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and I often have to refresh my memory on terms.  This site has colourful graphics to support those who require visual supports.  It really is a valuable resource for all of us.This is the best of all. This is an interactive website that has a plethora of definitions of math terms. The website actually provides a definition and then gives a full demonstration that covers everything from acute angles, fractions, and full visuals of countless math terms. This would become an invaluable tool for teachers and students alike.An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language. More for the junior and above grades.

A+ math
Practice your math skills on this site. Test yourself at Flashcard, solve advanced math problems, engage in math games or get some homework help. There's lots to explore here.
Good site for reinforce and practice a concept. Sponsored by DreamBox (from Pearson – Math Make Sense). Great to send home for students to practice in a fun way and parents can see. The flashcards has a dash with scores and voice activated.  This is an amazing motivational website to practice multiplication and division facts in math in the format of video games.  Students can link up with each other and race to compete to see who knows their math facts.  It is highly motivating for students to compete and play with each other.  These games work to practice drills in a way that is motivating to all students.  It helps students retain and apply facts in the form of video games with educational content in math. BBC:  Great site for lesson plans, worksheets, and games.  Good for parents, students, and teachers.  Not linked to the Ontario curriculum.  Brainnook is a virtual world where students practice both English and Math skills by completing various problems that result in entrance to a virtual world. There is a pre-assessment that adjusts as the student progresses through the game. site, doesn’t look pretty but is huge, with many useful links. This site offers colourful graphics, lessons, visual dictionary.  There are lessons for teachers and interactive activities for every math concept you can think of and would hold a student's attention with the graphics and bright colours.  It has suggestions for parents on how to help their child with mathematics.Some really interesting topics for teachers (such as E-portfolios)Friendly explanations of how to perform different operations (like multiplying using the lattice method)Very well designed math gamesGreat for older kidsThe colours are crazy and might give you a headache after awhileSome pages are confusing, perhaps overwhelming Coolmath4kids Teacher EDIdeas for lessons, resourcesEasy to use but a bit too busy to look at. Once you get passed the glitter, there is good “stuff”  At first glance, I was originally turned off by this site, thinking that it was far to “busy” and distracting, and full of advertisements, but then when I explored the site, I found some wonderful resources in this site, including a great on line dictionary of math terms.  This site also has wonderful “parent-kid” lessons which are great to be able to direct parents to who want to support their children.Cool math 4 kids is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn.Lessons, games for all strandsLively and captivating
http://www.cyberkidzgames.comThese math games are pretty cool. Other subjects too. Ontario Math Curriculum:  Current expectations, processes, and exemplars to help guide the teacher’s practice. The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat puts out a number of great resources for teachers. You can find a variety of articles on various topics to help you teach in new and interesting ways.  EduGAINS.caEduGAINS is the portal to resources developed and provided through the Ministry of Education and focused on learning – student learning, educator learning, and researcher learning about student and teacher learning. This site is for all teachers, Kindergarten to Grade 12.Resources are of many types: Classroom-ready resources and supports; Planning and implementation guides for teachers and professional learning facilitators; Theoretical frameworks that underpin resource development and implementation;Video interviews; Videos of classrooms, coaching and professional learning episodes; Research tools and papers, both print and digital;Board-level implementation plans and advice;Registration information for upcoming professional learning activities; and, in the case of mathematics, interactive web-based modules for students. EduGains – Growing Accessible Interactive Network SupportGreat professional resources, especially the professional learning, videos, posters, modeled lessons. Cathy Fosnot’s interview is amazing, as well all the links.  Edugains is a fabulous website, with a lot of great resources. This also has a section dedicated to Literacy. There are no activities for students here, but the articles, explanations and so on are very useful.This website offers lessons, support for the provincial testing, explanations  and support materials for curriculum documents.  It has support documents for all our board initiatives that are ministry driven.  Leadership and coach support as well. Find lessons, background information, and teaching tips for various topics geared for various levelsGreat answers to questions kids might as like, “Why should I bother learning this?” under the heading, When Students AskSome of the pages don’t seem formatted properly This is a ministry website intended for use of parents and educators. There are former tests written by grade 3 and 6 students. There are very rich questions you can use to practice with your students for both math and language. The EQAO website has a number of great resources for teachers, as there are past tests, student exemplars, and rubrics. This proves to be a bit more useful for those students in grade 3 and 6, however if you have the time to sift through the information, I’m sure you can find information to help teachers in other grades as well. 3 and 6 EQAO:  Sample EQAO questions for students, teachers and parents. Eworkshop – Online teaching resourcesVideos, printable documents, numeracy modules, templates, posters, including French versions. Great resources for parents.  KidsKountThis site has a number of computer games for children in grades K-6, and printable activity sheets for teachers to use in the classroom. Provides many opportunities to reach teachers and to provide them with useful ideas and materials for daily lessons website's purpose is to "Help families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging, high-quality challenges". Loads of great math problems. For upper grades.  This grabs the child’s attention and interest by including such current publications as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and including math games such as Math Baseball.The games are engaging and essentially trick the kids into investigating and subsequently getting hooked.This is a fun site for kids to play to practice their skills ( my husband had a lot of fun playing this one.)   This is definitely a site for the kids.  It also provides answers/suggestions  for parents.  The student can choose their level, and play games to support their mastery of skills.  This is for Kindergarten to Grade 8. is an online math manipulative website. There are some ideas for games for teachers for grades K-8. Games can be printed off. Not for students  This is an interesting website which tells about how students are using telecommunications to learn.  Students are writing letters, sharing math problems, and communicating with students from all over the globe.  What an exciting time for our students to think of how small the world can actually be when we can share these experiences with students on a regular basis.  There is a wealth of information that can be available to our students by using the computer to learn. Complete List of Online Math Resources
This article contains a comprehensive collection of resources for all math subjects, from the basics to calculus. It provides helpful explanations, sample problems and tests, detailed diagrams and even games. If you want to improve your math skills, this is a great place to start. This website is used frequently at our school, and the teachers and kids love it during computer lab.  The teacher simply picks the strand of math that they are currently working on, and the kids log in, and practice their skills.  It is not entirely free, but allows for each person to log in 20 times without a fee.  This website is informational relating to the jump math program.  It is worth a look to see if this is something that could work in your school.  I do know of several schools in our board that are using this method with great success.  The website offers a lot of samples which can be printed off to try.  The program is not free, and demands following the program very specifically.
http://www.kidsnumbers.comSome very cool math games here. Professional games and videos, very visual and content-driven, and well organizedThere are lessons and practice worksheets; these are pdf files (some are in Word so they can be manipulated)Even though the print activities are just skills practice, sometimes that’s exactly what we need to ensure we have a balanced programMany activities are for older studentsThere aren’t a lot of activities/videosThe printable sheets for students are mostly just practice, not rich tasksReferenced expectations are from Alberta, not Ontario Link to Learning:  Excellent site that contains worksheets, games and activities for all grades and subjects  Great for students or teachers.  Has practice (step by step for each particular strand), games, worksheets, and help. Presents lessons that are engaging “real-world” applications.  It provides lessons that are tied to current media t( ie. Super Mario, X Box) that would capture interest of our late junior, intermediate students.  Lessons plans and handouts are printable. Good website created by a math part 3 specialist. Lots of links to Learn your Multiplication Facts. This provides printable math fact sheets for partents/teachers. 3 other links included for online games. For junior students This Math Cats website has a variety of components. There are crafts for primary students to do that relate to math. There are “do it yourself” math manipulatives intended for junior grades. There are also games and printable resources you can use.
http://www.mathfactcafe.comDecent site for worksheets. This website provides web quests, puzzles and assignments that can be printed and used with your class. There are a lot of creative resources and lesson plans. You can enter the site as a teacher, student or parent and are then directed to a part of the web site geared to your role. This site has a number of different math “goodies”. Here teachers can find lessons, webquests, games, articles and more. This does not contain all units and strands, but it does have a good selection This website has games for students to play. On World Math Day, which was March 1st this year, all children can log onto the site and play games against other children in different countries around the world. They are then ranked according to their achievement. This website has many games to play that can be used during a computer time or on the SmartBoard. They are divided by concept so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for or having the children explore a certain area. This site is great for showing steps, and explaining concepts. It has a portion of the site that is also dedicated to games, puzzles, and definitions. Math games for all strandsHas a teacher’s page link with great lessons ideasIntegrates art and mathEasy to use for teachers and students  MathStories.comThe goal of this math website is to help elementary school (Grade 1-6) children boost their math problem solving and critical-thinking has over 15,000 online and printable NCTM compliant math word problems for children. is the website for busy teachers, eager students, and involved parents. is comprehensive and easy to navigate.  This is an amazing site devoted to mathematics.  It has standards based mathematics activities and thematic open end problems for division.  It has archives for additional materials and is updated monthly based on themes, holidays and seasons.  You can search alphabetically, topic and by blog.  It has a limitless supply of activities and problems for math lessons. Famous Towers of Hanoi puzzle of online games and organized by grade.  This website is the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics.  It has everything you could imagine for a math teacher from sample lessons, professional development, article readings and lesson plans.  Limitless information for a math teacher. A really great resource, especially to tie in with the SmartBoard.  This website was shared with us during Math Part One with our computer tech support personnel, and we experimented with the manipulatives on our small computers as well as full group lessons on the SmartBoard.  It gives great support for visual learners. I would use this site for students in Grade Five and above, It is easy to navigate, however there is a lot of text to read.  The problem solving section is current and practical.  This may be useful to the teacher of the gifted class who will be inviting a lot of self-directed learning.  This website is a great resource for teachers.  It is divided by grade and math strand and provides sample math problems for students to solve.  It is easy to navigate and find what you need easily to prepare for a math lesson. kids Games – Interactive Math gamesA great list of fun interactive games. Very handy for using as a computer centre. This website has power points for all subjects and content areas. It is not specific to math but there are some great review power points. As well as the presentations the website also links to other sites that offer lessons and other subject material.   This is a fun little website where kids get to choose from a number of exciting games to practice their skills.  Some of the games are Building Blocks, Telling Time, and my personal favourite, Skater Math, where you have to answer questions in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division in order to have the skater successfully jump the obstacles in his or her path.  These games cover a wide range of math concepts, including using area and perimeter to build fences, sliding shapes to complete models, determining heaviest weights...just a whole lot of fun. This website has games that you can play with primary students. They range from using a scale to a math version of Pac Man. There are themed games with characters such as Dora that children are sure to enjoy. This site has resources for all areas, including worksheets, on- line games, lesson plans, and refers you to other links which allow you to set up your own website.  It also has helpful teacher templates for calendars, newsletters, etc. This site has a worksheet generator if you are looking for pen and paper tasks. It has had a section that includes different games for the different strands. It takes a little clicking to find what you are looking for, but over all pretty good. Canada offers a number of different mathematical resources ranging from lessons, to census information. The data here can be use as a real world connection, and it’s great because its Canadian! This website has a variety of different investigation activities. They are in the form of pdfs and can be easily viewed and printed for your students. There are a variety of different concepts and strands that are covered.Some really great ideas and games posted by math teachersHover your mouse pointer over “Maths” in the menu and you’ll see all the different areas coveredSome of the files you can download are great, either to use for ideas or to print to use in class (I like the Averages Flashcards under the heading of Data Management)It’s a UK site, so some of the language is different and/or some of the files are not accessibleSome of the postings, like the description of the game Pig, are not necessarily the easiest to read or might have spelling errorsI have trouble opening the Smart Board files    This site was recommended to me by an “Exchange” Teacher from Australia.  It has on line games, lessons and worksheets to down load.  It has a section dedicated to parents. “PET” is printable educational tools, and is often used to support parents who are home-teaching their children.  It is an American website that provides on line tutoring. It allows the student to visit, practice and reinforce any math concept. It is also an online forum to assign mathematics practice problems and if they are having difficulty they can access an online tutorial to assist them. Topmarks – Educational Search EngineFree Interactive Whiteboard Resources, always updated and organized by age level. This site has a lot of really great games that you could have your students work through. It ranges in topic, as well as grade level. I’ve used this in my program as a home connection; many of the students seem to enjoy it. Visual Words:  Online, interactive dictionary.  Great for use with a smartboard.  Also, awesome for developing a math word wall. This site is designed to help solve specific questions for students.  It is divided into math strands, and you can specifically enter numbers ( eg. 3/7) and ask it to help you convert this to a decimal.  The site shows the steps, and provides explanation on how to solve questions. created by a school. Stop the Clock is a fun game for telling time.  This is a website that focuses on world events and poses mathematical problems based on actual statistics. The example for last month for instance focussed on the tornadoes in the U.S. The wind speeds, cost of damages etc. was discussed. The Royal Wedding was also visited.  Questions such as time zones, money conversions etc. are posed. This is an excellent method of engaging an intermediate student with real life, meaningful Mathematics.Very current lessons Covers a variety of topics, including integrating math with other subjects (example, math and science: Mathematics of Radiation)Files can be opened in pdf or doc formThere’s a sports section with lessons directly linked to popular sports (such as looking at the changes in costs of Super Bowl ads) that are appealing to many junior students, especially boysIt’s American so many lessons relate to US politics or have US stats  Teacher Tube:  Great videos for teacher support.  Also, great videos to support any part of the curriculum.  Best of all they are relevant and safe as they are provided by teachers and created by teachers, students, and board officials. Great math problems can be searched by keyword, topic, habits of mind (problem solving strategies), use of technology, type of mathematics background, and durationThis site received recognition by NCTMYou can view past newslettersPDF files are very professionalA lot of the work is difficultThere are almost too many good problems to sift through when looking for the perfect one