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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer. I want to welcome you and your child to 2nd grade! I am looking forward to a fun and successful year. Second Grade is a very important step in your child’s education. We will continue to build the foundations for academic achievement.

Parents, you’re a very important part of your child’s learning experience! Your involvement creates a positive, supportive environment at school and home. Please remember to work with your child on skills learned at school and help develop his/her confidence in becoming a more independent learner.

Students, you’re older and wiser now! You’re a second grader and more will be expected of you and at a faster pace. Your parents and I will be here to help you master math skills, develop reading comprehension strategies, spell all kinds of words, and write terrific stories to share with your family and friends. We know you can do it!

I will work hard this year to keep you informed of your child’s progress. I hold high expectations for all students and expect each student to work to their full potential. I want you both to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have as the year progresses. I want to build a classroom environment where we work together to foster confidence and learning.

Ms. Wesney :-)