Classroom Technology Rules

Classroom Technology Rules

It is important to have classroom rules and expectations for appropriate computer use. Instill these rules in your classroom from day one and it will not only make your

life easier, but it will teach your students to become responsible users of technology.


Classroom Rules for Cell Phones, Cameras, and other Technology Devices

  • Do not take picture using cameras, cellphones, web cams, or any device of teachers/staff or students without their consent.
  • Do not post pictures on the internet that violates the student code of ethics.
  • Do not use to harass, bully, threaten, or intimidate.
  • Do not use for personal reasons.
  • Do not take or transmit pornographic or lewd photos/videos.
  • Do not use the device to cheat on tests.
  • Students may only use these devices under direct supervision of the teacher or during approved times throughout the day.

Watch this cute video as these students demonstrate computer lab rules.


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