Internet Safety 



With over 35 million students having internet access at school, safety is a primary concern. How do we keep our students safe? By teaching them to BE safe while online! 

Thanks to the internet, today's students literally have the world at their fingertips. And as most adults know, the world can be a scary place! That is why it is so very important to teach our students about internet safety. 

How you teach your students internet safety depends on their age. Whether they using the Internet for research, playing games, social media or communicating, students of all ages need to know how to protect themselves while online. While basic Internet safety should begin at home, educators cannot assume it does. That is why it is critical to teach responsible Internet skills in the classroom. For lesson plans that address learners from elementary through high school, check out this website.




1. Keep personal information private. Never share your phone number, address, or full name (yours OR your parents) without permission from an adult.

2. Stay away from strangers. It's dangerous to talk to strangers in person and it's dangerous to talk to stangers online.

3. Only go to sites your teacher has approved. If in question, ask your teacher.

4. If someone tries to cyberbully you, report it to your teacher. If you know of someone being cyberbullied, report it to your teacher or another adult.

5. Exhibit proper netiquitte at all times: don't share inappropriate pictures or videos, don't cyberbully, don't post inappropriate topics.

6. Don't download anything unless the teacher gives you permission.

7. Don't click on a link unless you know the link. If you don't know it, don't click it!

8. Think before you post! Don't post angry or hurtful comments and don't post when you are overly emotional.

9. Be cautious of online friendships. Don't trust people you meet online. They could be lying about who they are.

10. Remember: anything you post stays online forever! It never goes away! 



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