What are Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use?




     noun: the right to use a work created by someone else


                                         Copyright refers to the rights to reproduce materials.                                         

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Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else's ideas




     verb: to use someone else's work or ideas as your own without giving credit to the                   original source







Stealing ideas is against the law.                          


Plagiarism is essentially using someone else's ideas without giving credit to the person who came up with those ideas. In academia, plagarism is a serious offense. Don't worry, though--as long as you learn how to cite properly, you won't have anything to worry about!



Watch the video below for more information about plagiarism and how to avoid it!


             Fair Use


     noun: a legal doctrine that allows certain people to use portions of copyrighted materials without explicit permission from the creator


There are four general guidelines for Fair Use:

1. What are you using the material to do?

2. What is the nature of the work?

3. How much of the work do you plan to use?

4. What effect will using the work have on the work's profits as a whole?

Educators must be careful not to copy entire works, use those works for more than one semester, make copies of the same works more than nine times in a semester, and they must credit the author or creator.


For an in-depth look at Fair Use, watch the video below.



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