What is Digital Citizenship?

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Digital Citizenship- is the conduct in which students/technology users should know and understand for the appropriate use of technology. It is the idea of using technology responsibly, while being able to navigate the do's and don’ts of technology. In all it is simply how you should act and carry yourself while online.





Do’s and Don’ts of Technology

With the rapid growth of technology in the classroom and the 1:1 initiative in which each student has its own personal computer teaching digital citizenship is vital. While some things are blocked through school system measures, students should still understand the proper use of technology.  

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                                             Do's of Technology:

- Always follow directions while using technology

- Always use the internet respectfully

- Only access internet sites that are educational and approved for use

- Always keep personal information private while online


With the rapid growth of technology usage comes a rapid growth of concerns. Some people fear that the internet is not safe and that the use of technology provides more access to things students wouldn't normally have access to. 

Don’ts of Technology:

- Never share your password or use others password

- never access inappropriate sites

- never participate in cyberbullying

- never copy anyone else’s information or work




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