What is Netiquette?

What is Netiquette?


Netiquette refers to internet etiquette. This basically means to use  good manners when communicatin online using things such as email, forums, blogs, and social networking sites to name a few. It is important to use netiquette because communication online is non-verbal.




Here are some common rules of netiquette that everyone should follow:

1.Be respectful, polite, and professional.

2. Real people take priority- Do not be on your phone when you are with another person. It is rude to be texting when someone is trying to talk to you.

3. If you wouldn't say it directly to someone, don't say it online.

4. Don't post things online that you wouldn't want your boss, pastor, family, or children to see.

5. Don't friend and then immediately unfriend someone.

6. Respect other people's privacy.

7. Check and respond to emails promptly.


Watch this fun video on digital netiquette!



Over 90 percent of teens today are online. Bullying is not a new problem, although in recent years it has increased. We as teachers need to be aware at school of threatening or offensive behaviors between our students. These adolescents can experience long-lasting effects from cyberbullying.



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