Work Experience

After graduating, Whitney worked for a semester as a substitute teacher and tutor for Guilford County Schools before accepting a job with Orange County Schools.  Her first position was to serve as the teacher of a self-contained classroom for students with autism as well as a part-time itinerant teacher for several deaf and hard of hearing students in the district.  After working in the classroom for four years, Whitney began working part time as the Autism Facilitator for the district, while still working with one deaf student at the high school level. The following year she moved into a full-time position as Autism Facilitator for Orange County Schools; this is the capacity in which she presently works with students and teachers in the school district. 

Whitney has also worked with an independent family consultant to assist students with autism and their families in the home environment, and she has volunteered in social groups for students with autism.  She is currently based at A.L. Stanback Middle School.  

school pic

     A.L.Stanback Middle