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Homework for the weeks of 5-22-17: 

       Monday- No Homework

       Tuesday- Take home some of your things.

       Wednesday- Take home some of your things.  

                           Game Day tomorrow!!

       Thursday- No homework

       Friday- LAST DAY !

Spelling Paragraph:  Write a paragraph on a single topic.  Include at least 5 spelling words from your current list in your paragraph.  Remember to indent the first sentence and use correct capitalization and punctuation.


Read & Respond:   Day 1-Read part of a chapter book for at least 20 minutes for read a storybook.        Day 2-Answer these questions using complete sentences.  1)  Where and when does the story take place?  2)  What happened at the beginning of the story?  3)  What happened at the end of the story?  4)  Write one sentence that is a statement the main character would agree with.  5) What is one important detail from the story?  6)  What is the main idea of the story? This is the lesson the reader learns or the message the author is trying to give the reader.  7)  Find 1 interesting word in the text.  Using clues in the text, what do you think this word means?  8)  What would be another good title for the story.


No more spelling words!!!!!   

FYI: Students need to remember to only use capital letters at the beginning of spelling words that are proper nouns.  Words with inappropriate use of lowercase or capital letters will be marked incorrect.

No Quick Write this week.



Quick Write:  Write a well organized paragraph about the topic given.  Remember to use complete sentences.  Make sure it has a beginning, middle, and end.

For spelling and vocabulary practice:


Useful Links:


Wanted Poster:  Use a poster board or paper no larger than 14’’ by 22’’. On your poster insert a picture of yourself. Write a description of the “criminal” telling what the person looks like including age, height, hair and eye color, and any unique features or behaviors. Tell what crime has been committed along with a phone number for information, and the amount of the reward. Your purpose is to inform your readers about a dangerous criminal.

Students will present their posters to the class. Please be neat and use correct spelling. These posters will be on display in our classroom during our End of the Year Party, a Southwestern Fiesta! Have fun! We look forward to some interesting and creative Wanted Posters!!



Upcoming Events:

May 24,25,26 -  Early Dismissal at 12:20.

May 26- End of Year Party & Last day of school


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