7th Grade U.S History


Monday, October 1

Students took the Current Events notes.  Then, we reviewed for the September Word of the Day quiz by completing a crossword puzzle review.  Students will take the September Word of the Day quiz on Tuesday, October 2.  We finished the class period by viewing a video clip on George Washington. 

Students were reminded they will take the Ch. 9 – 1 quiz on Wednesday, October 3. 

Tuesday, October 2

Students will take the  Word of the Day Quiz.  Then, students will complete a crossword review to help them study for tomorrow’s quiz.

Wednesday, October 3

Students will take the Ch. 9 – 1 quiz.

Students will start working on Ch. 9 -2  in the study guide.  We will finish

Thursday, October 4

Field trip to the Traverse County Museum! 

Be sure to check JMC!  It is updated and assignments that are "missing" are entered as "0."  Please complete the assignment and hand in for partial credit (10% reduction each day the assignment is late).  Remeber, LX means "late excused" as you were absent and have extra time to complete the assignment for full credit!   Parents who need help with JMC can call the high school office 563-8191 for assistance.