ESL Classes for Ladies

Hello!  A-Salaam Alaikum!  Welcome to English Class!! 



There will be a registration open house on June 21st from 5-9pm.  If you plan on attending the Ladies Only English Classes please plan on attending the Open House to register for the classes.  

For classes you will need to bring a notebook, pencil, bilingual dictionary if you have one, and a motivation to learn!

We will be meeting 2 days a week for 3 hours each day.  That is only a total of 6 hours a week.  In order to obtain the maximum in language learning you will need to practice on your own and follow the links on this website for additional practice opportunities.  You will also be responsible for completing work outside of class on your own time.  I will provide you with all the necessary resources and information to improve your English!

The course will cover the basics of conversation, written expression and reading.  Please complete the following survey to give me an idea of the topics you would like to cover in order for me to personalize your language learning experience.

If you do not have childcare for you children, you are welcome to bring them along!