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Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am so happy to be your child's first teacher at school as you are their first and most important teacher for life.  Did you know as parents, we are the single most influential group for and on our children?  As your child's school teacher, I will guide you in ensuring academic success for your kindergartner.  One of the ways I will do this will be through reading and math activities to be done at home or for home-fun as we like to call it. :)  These activities will be simple practice of introduced skills and will not take a lot of time.  However, they will be a vital part for your child's progress as a kindergartner in the year 2009. I am sure you aware of the risen and ever changing standards and thus, expectations.  Remember nap time and when it was all about socialization?  You will be amazed at what your child will learn and do this year!  It is still social and FUN, with every moment spent learning and your kindergartner, you, and I will love it!

About the teacher...

 I am beginning my twelvth teaching year.  I have taught K-3, K being my favorite!  My first teaching years were in K and 1 at Griffith Elementary in Sequatchie County where I fell in love with five and six year olds.  Teaching second and third grades provided the experience I wanted, but I always felt the longing and calling for kindergarten again.  I was so fortunate to have a principal (Mrs. Hollis) who has allowed me to fulfill my calling.  Do you know how lucky you are to have GMVE as your child's school?  It is truly the best!

I am married to Jason of 11 years.  We have one son, Lakelund (Lake) who is beginning Kindergarten this year at GMVE and a chocolate lab named Lily.  I am from the Hixson and Red Bank areas.  I graduated from Red Bank High School.  UTC was my undergraduate college and I received my Master's Degree from Tennessee Technical University. 

I love teaching, spending time with family and friends, the beach, reading, the pool, being at home, my church, my dog, music, food, holidays, and the list goes on and on!  I love life because I am living my dreams!

 Much more to come...

Happy School Days~ Mrs. Emily Wheeler