Classroom Rules and Expectations


I like to keep things simple when it comes to classroom behavior. I have high expectations for appropriate classroom behavior and it is my hope that we can agree on what is expected.

In order to provide students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, I have developed the following classroom discipline plan to support College Lakes Lions’ ROARing PBIS expectations.


            1. I will be respectful.

            2. I will raise my hand to speak.

            3. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

            4. I will be a positive participant.

            5. I will create quality work.

If a student has trouble following a rule:

            1. Warning

            2. Think About It/Silent Lunch

            3. CLES Minor Infraction Form/Phone Call

            4. Office Referral

            Students who behave will be rewarded with positive notes home, praise, free choice time, and others to be determined. I will keep you informed of your child’s progress in class. I have discussed these rules and consequences with your child in class. I am also happy to discuss these rules and consequences in more depth with you. Please review them with your child. 

            Thank you for your support!

            William Helms