Students are expected to complete their homework each night that it is assigned. Homework will count towards a grade in class.

MATH: Please anticipate receiving a math worksheet each night Monday through Thursday (if we have school). If the students do not receive math homework I will inform you, or you are always welcome to ask for clarification. The math homework will be a review of a skill that has been learned in class or a skill that we are currently focusing on.  

SPELLING: The students will have a set of spelling words that has been selected for them based on our Elementary Spelling Inventory (completed in class, three times during the year). The E.S.I. indicates specific phonics skills that a student needs to work on, and may lead to words being chosen that are "easy". Please understand that these words have not been chosen for your child at random, but are picked from a word study book that Cumberland County Schools has adopted titled "Words Their Way". If you feel your child's spelling words should be adjusted, please let me know and we can meet to decide what is best for your child. With all of that being said... your child's nightly (Monday through Wednesday) spelling homework will be their choice. Your child has received a spelling "Tic-Tac-Know" board with 9 boxes, each containing a different activity. Your child will select one activity to complete each night (they do not have to make three in a row like the tic-tac-toe game) and turn in ALL THREE on Thursday. Thursday night's spelling homework will be simply to study the words for Friday's spelling test. 

Spelling Tic – Tac – Know

Please post this form where you and your child can see it nightly.

Choose 3 activities to complete during the week (1 activity each night, Mon-Wed). Return the completed activities on Thursday. The activities you choose should connect so you can draw a line through them, just like Tic-Tac-Toe.

Connect the Dots

Write your spelling words using dots. Connect the dots with a crayon, colored pencil, or marker.

Sailboat Write

Write your words, one letter per line. The word should make a triangle shape.

Keyboard Spelling

Type your spelling words using a keyboard. Print the page.


Use at least 5 of your spelling words in a story.

Bubble Write

Write your spelling words in bubble letters.

Reds and Blues

Write your words using red and blue. The consonants should be red and the vowels should be blue.

ABC Order

Write your spelling words in ABC order.

Rainbow Write

Write each word, three times, using three different colors.

Word Scramble

scramble your words (you can have an adult scramble them if you’d like) , then write them correctly.

OTHER SUBJECTS: I do not typically assign homework in other subject areas; however, if this is necessary, your child may bring home additional assignments to complete in the subjects of Writing, Science, Social Studies, or Health. These assignments may come in the form of worksheets or projects to complete. I do have some research projects in mind that I will discuss with you and your child when it is time for those projects to be assigned.