Some links are for references, others are for games... Hopefully you will find something to meet whatever your needs are.  If you have any suggestions for links to add to the site, please let me know!

Reading Links:

Tumble Books

Students participating in the Informational Text Project, click here to take the survey.

Get Into the Book with the many activities on this website.

Practice skimming.

Fill in the blanks in the provided paragraph to see what kind of story you can make.  You may print your story to share with the class.

Here is a collection of free online stories with recommended grade levels.  

This is an awesome website for the Library of Congress.  There are online books and comics for you to check out.  There are even some that will read to you!

Looking for something fun to read?  Check out Wacky Web Tales.  You may print your favorite to share with the class.

Fun letter and words games--Reading and Spelling Games

Check out these games from Reading Planet.

Here are a couple links to help you get ideas for the Unit 3 project:  go green and a green life

Grammar Links:

Education Place link for the English text book

Test your grammar knowledge with the gorillas.

Grammar Jeopardy

Here is an easy to use reference for the parts of speech.

Test your knowledge of grammar without getting sunk--Grammarship

Practice noun and verb agreement with this matching game.

Here's your chance to perfect your usage of quotation marks.  (Remember to type quotation marks, you must press and hold the SHIFT key while pressing the " key.)

Another grammar challenge--Rags to Riches

Check out the Sentence Clubhouse to practice composing sentences.

Practice identifying verbs with this game.

Practice using regular and irregular verbs with Verb Jeopardy.

Think you know subject-verb agreement...tell it to the VIPER!

Find the burried treasure by correctly matching the subject and verb.

This subject verb game is out of this world!

Sink your opponent's battleship by correctly matching subjects and verbs!

You have to "BEE" good at choosing verbs for this game.

Math Links:

To login to Adaptive Mind, click here.

Here's a resource to help you with math homework--Interactive Math Dictionary

This is a great game to practice converting fractions and decimals--Fraction Tank

The name of the site says it all:  Cool Math Games.  (My favorite is Run!) 

Here are some math games for specific skills.  Also check out the videos for homework help!

More math games in which you can choose your skill.  Be sure to challenge yourself!

Even more math games :)

Primary Games--  Some of these games are not educational, so I may ask you not to play them while we are in the Computer Lab.

History Links:

History Alive online tutorials (practice tests)

Click here to learn about the history of the United States and how to be a good citizen from Uncle Sam.

Think you're a "Geography Genius?"  Test your skills here.

Curious about one of History's great mysteries?  Learn more about the Lost Colony of Roanoke here.

Learn more about what it was like to grow up in slavery.

Use these interactive map-puzzles to increase your knowledge of geography.

History can be fun!  Here are some games that prove it!

America's Story is sponsored by the Library of Congress and is a great resource for Social Studies.

Tour the Mayflower, follow the voyage of the Pilgrims, get to know the Wampanoag tribe, and view videos simulating the first Thanksgiving.

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg and have some fun, too!

How do you know about checks and balances?  Find out here.

Science Links:

Know your simple machines??  Click here to prove it!

Click here to complete the forest webquest.

Super cool online science experiments.  (This uses Youtube, so be sure to click the back button after each link to return the website.)

All future ocean explorers, check out this site for interesting articles and games.

Here is a site for those of you that love to ask questions.  It contains many short videos that explain a variety of Scientific topics.  It also has some activities and games:  Harcourt Science

For those of you that love science, check out National Geographic Kids for interesting stories, links, pictures, and fun games.

In this game, you are challenged to identify the type of simple machine.  Good luck!

Simple Machines overview

Simple Machines game from the Museum of Science and Industry

Check out the Zoom Kids website for some fun and challenging science-based games.


All the spelling and vocabulary fun you can handle in one fantastic site... Check out Quizlet!

How's your behavior?  Find out in the Dojo.

Scootpad--for Summer practice

This link will help you get ready for the PARCC assessment, while playing games!

Check out Scholastic Kids for games, videos, book recommendations, and homework help.

Brain Pop

Fun Brain

Here is a collection of ideas for practicing the spelling of tricky words.

Study Tips

Start here for all your seaching needs!  Kidrex is a roaring good tool!

Kids Net is a search engine for kids.

Fact Monster is an online encyclopedia for kids.

An encyclopedia for kids powered by Yahoo!... a great resource!

Online encylopedia--Wikipedia

Online Jigsaw Puzzles!

Online Mazes!  Try the online mazes, then you may print one maze for a friend to try.

Just for fun, create something with Tagxedo... it's similar to Wordle.