White Team's Website

Welcome from McGavock High School's White Team!

We look forward to working with you to make 2009-2010 an excellent school year!  In order to keep all members of the White Team community well connected, we encourage you to regularly visit the team and teachers' websites for upated announcements and assignments. 

Oct. 16th -- Report cards for Quarter 1

 October 17-25th -- FALL BREAK Laughing


Policies and Expectations

As a team, we are committed to enforcing all school policies, especially those concerning tardies and dress code.  

Tardy Policy: 
            A tardy is anytime that the student is not in class when the bell sounds to end their 6 minute passing period.

For each tardy the student will sign the class tardy-log and make up any missed instruction (after class or during lunch). 

  • 1st  -- warning
  • 2nd -- phone call home
  • 3rd -- phone call home
  •  4th -- office referral  (ISS)

*** Any student more than 10 minutes late to class is considered to be skipping. ***

Dress Code Expecations: 

McGavock continued to adopted the MNPS Sandard School Attire (SSA) dress code for the 2009-2010 school year. District policy states that students must be in SSA in order to attend class.  


  As a result of an air conditioned school, parts of McGavock can become quite chilly.  Although hoods are not allowed there are several options within SSA to keep students comfortable throughout the day.

These options include: 

  • solid color sweatshirts with no hood or writing
  • solid color fleece jackets/ windbreakers with no hood or writing
  • solid color long sleeve shirt with collar or worn with polo
  • solid color sweaters