Mr. Gray's Classroom


Introduction and Welcome!!

Mr. Gray!

 First let me say hello to all of our hardworking parents! My name is Daniel Gray, and I will be responsible for the instruction fo your child's ESOL classes for this school year. I have taught ESOL classes for four years overseas in Korea, I have  bachelor's degree in mass communications, I hold a Georgia real estate license, and I hold an active license to perform radiolgic technology. One could, say I'm well rounded! smiley My passon is teaching, however, and I want you to know I am committed to working with you and your child to make sure he/she performs to their utmost potential. Below you will find several things you may want to know to understand exactly what to expect throughout the first few weeks, and also how to contact me should you ever feel the need! Again, welcome to Pine View Elementary school!! 

First semester 

Achieving fluency in a second language has become expected for students across the world. By the end of the first semester, students should feel comfortable speaking basic English expressions like, saying their name, age, describing the weather, and how they feel. Students should also have a good grasp on teh English alphabet and the associated phonics.


Upcoming events

There will be several upcoming events that I hope you will be encouraged to take part in. Listed below is a schedule and short description of each:

April1st-April-30th: Parent/teacher meet and greet. I will organize small get togethers for groups of ten parents by neighborhood to share some tea and snacks and get to know each other and share ideas on how we can all help the children succeed. enlightened Please look out for the next newsletter on what group you are assigned to and let me know if you can participate!

May 15th: Group role play! Students will be perfomring an all-English small role play at 7:30 in the auditorium!!

May 20th: Students will take their first mid-term exam.

May 25th: Progress reports will be sent home.

June 10th: Sports Day! Parents, teachers, and students will all particpiate in various games and activities! cheeky


How can you stay involved?

  • At anytime you feel like you need to speak with me concerning our class, please feel free to contact me. i will list my information below.
  • Please participate in as many PTA(parent teacher) meetings as you can. My information is listed below.
  • It's a great idea to create social groups amongst yourself to help any parents who might be struggling with English themselves so you can better understand the way our school is operated an communicate better with the staff.


Contact information

  • Office hours: Mondays 7:30-8:15, Wednesdays 5:00-6:00
  • Email address:
  • School phone number: 770-634-7865 ext. 235