Introduction to Engineering Design - Principles of Machining Schedule

Schedule: Principles of Machining - Introduction to Engineering Design   Start 1st Quarter - (47 Days)
          End 1st 9 weeks 
Assignment     Due Date       
          Start 2nd Quarter (44 Days)
Principles of Machining       End 2nd 9 weeks  
Module 1: Basics of Engineering Design  Due Date  Start 3rd Quarter (43 Days)
         End 3rd 9 weeks  
          Start 4th Quarter (44 Days) 
 Module Introduction      Last Day for Work to be turned in
 Lesson 1: Basics of Design Principles          
 Lesson 2: Design - Specifications and Stages         
 Lesson 3: Management and Concurrent Engineering         
 Lesson 4: Print Reading           
Module 2: Mathematics    Due Date       
 Module Introduction            
 Lesson 1: Fractions            
 Lesson 2: Decimals            
 Lesson 3: Geometry            
 Lesson 4: Cartesian Coordinates and Planes         
 Lesson 5: Order of Operations           
 Lesson 6: Triangles and Trig           
 Quiz        End 1st 9 weeks 
Module 3: Conversions, Measurements and Tools Due Date  Start 2nd Quarter (44 Days)
 Module Introduction            
 Lesson 1: Measurement Terms           
 Lesson 2: Measurement Units US Customary         
 Lesson 3: Measurement Units - Metric          
 Lesson 4: Fractional Machinist Scale          
 Lesson 5: Millimeter Machinist Scale          
 Lesson 6: Dial Caliper-Customary Units          
 Lesson 7: Calibration & Applications Examples         
 Lesson 8: Reading the Micrometer          
 Lesson 9: Conversions (Metric and Customary Units)         
Module 4: Introduction to Machining  Due Date       
 Module Introduction            
 Lesson 1: Introduction to Machining - What is Machining?        
 Lesson 2: Mechanical Removal Techniques - Drilling and Milling        
 Lesson 3: Mechanical Removal Techniques -          
  Reaming, Tapping and CAD/CAM Terminology        
 Lesson 4: Introduction to Milling Machines and Movement        
 Lesson 5: Machining Process Video Montage          
 Quiz       End 2nd 9 weeks  
Module 5: Simple Metallurgy   Due Date       
 Lesson 1: Structures of Matter and Metallurgic Properties        
 Lesson 2: Metallurgy Terminology          
 Lesson 3: Testing and Heat Treating          
 Lesson 4: Metallurgy Keys to Remember          
Module 6: Cutting Tools and Tool Holders  Due Date       
 Lesson 1: Cutting Tool Geometry          
 Lesson 2: Cutting Tool Materials           
 Lesson 3: Cutting Tool Holders           
Module 7: Cutting Speeds, Feeds and Revolutions per MinuteDue Date       
 Lesson 1: Cutting Speeds           
 Lesson 2: Revolutions per Minute          
 Lesson 3: Feed Rates            
Module 8: Chip formation, load, and Material Removal RatesDue Date       
 Lesson 1: Chip Formation, Load and Depth of Cut         
 Lesson 2: Chip Formation Video Sample          
 Lesson 3: Material Removal Rate and Cutting Time         
Module 9: Work Holding and Set-up  Due Date       
 Lesson 1: Work Holding           
 Lesson 2: Work Set-up           
 Lesson 3: Machining Square and Parallel          
 Lesson 4: Work Set-up and Part Locating