Mini Syllabus

Pathways to Engineering

Instructor:  Mr. Ciotkosz

Phone: (754) 323-2400. ext 3116

Room 904




Introduction to Engineering Design

Principles of Engineering

Computer Integrated Manufacturing  

These classes are being offered for YOU to have some experience in Engineering Design. Your experience may lead you to inquire about careers in Industry or Higher Education in Engineering. Many Industries rely upon students to be well rounded in Engineering, Design, Critical Thinking Skills, Time Management, and Problem Solving, among other specified skills per individual corporate requirements. So with this in mind, let us try a myriad of Hands - On projects to will give us a plethora of experiences and have some fun at the same time.

 Classroom Expectations: Learn To Listen… So that YOU can Listen to Learn Come to Class prepared to Listen, Learn, Work and Share Follow ALL District, School and Classroom – Policies, Procedures and Rules

Extra Help:

Extra Help is offered in Room 904, Wednesdays after school and before school and by appointment only.

 Project Based Learning:

We will utilize almost 80% (or greater) hands-on / project based learning experiences in these classes. Project grading will vary from assignment to assignment, depending on activities. I will have clear expectations and rubrics given to you before an assignment starts. Also due to time constraints, fiscal responsibility, and the immensity of the field of Engineering, WE WILL HAVE, assignments that  require your attention outside of the Tech Lab setting.

 These introductory problem-solving courses cover concept areas in: MasterCam (CNC/design software), SolidWorks (parametric design software), AutoCAD (CAD software), CorelDraw (design/drawing software), DiVinci 3 axis stepper CNC Mill, Dimension – 3D Printer/Prototype, VersaLaser – Laser etcher/cutter, Hand and Machine Tools and Equipment. This “hands on” method of instruction presents an effective solution for student understanding in Design. Students will use the tools of Industry and the required woodworking equipment to complete several projects. There is an emphasis on tool & general safety in the shop when producing their products.