Classroom Rules

Pathways to Engineering

Classroom Rules

Western High School

 All students enrolled in Pathways to Engineering courses are required to comply with the following: The following Lab policies must be observed in the Tech Lab to protect yourself and others from injury. Before ANY work can be done, you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge of these policies in writing. Read each of the following Lab policies and commit them to memory. Must be signed by parent or guardian. 

Be On Time

v      Students must be in class and prepared to start the day’s activities before the bell rings.

No Electronic devices

v      Electronic devices such as IPODS, Phones, ect. Are NOT PERMITTED. If observed they will be COLLECTED and given to administration.

No Eating

v      No student may eat while in the class at ANY time.

School Tardy Policy

v      Students that arrive to school after the final bell at 7:30 am are required to report to Student Affairs. They will be issued a white pass instructing them to report to Internal Suspension (room 202) or to class. 

Tardy to Periods 2, 3, and 4

We are using a LOCKOUT standard here at Western High.  If you are NOT inside the classroom when the bell rings for the start of class you will have to go to Student Services and get a pass to get into class.

v      Students are completely responsible to make up all work missed as a result of absence for ANY reason. It is the student’s responsibility to find out from the instructor what assignments were missed. All make-ups must be completed within 48 hours. Additional time for make-ups is at the discretion of the instructor.

v      Previously assigned work is due the day of return.

Due Dates

v      Projects not turned in on time will be penalized at a rate of (- 5) points per day unless otherwise specified by the instructor.v      Written work not turned in on time will be penalized at a rate of (-10) points per day. Written work more than five days late may receive a zero (0).There is ALWAYS ample time for students to seek extra help. Always seek out your instructor.


v      Notebooks are required for all Engineering classes unless otherwise specified by the instructor. They must be kept neat, accurate, and complete with all information and materials given out during the course.             *** Remember Keeping a Notebook IS part of Notebook grade.

Supervision and Safety

v      Students may not be in or use any of the Tech Labs/Equipment unless a Technology Teacher or substitute is present AND has passed the Safety Quiz with 100%.  Unsupervised students could face disciplinary action.

Technology Lab Etiquette

v      Student MUST respect the other persons in the classroom. There should NEVER be any engagement of horseplay (fooling around), violence, rude behavior and cursing. Students MUST ALWAYS dress appropriate while in the Technology Labs. Open toed shoe/sandals are NOT permitted in the Technology Labs. Student in attire deemed inappropriate will be sent to administration for further remediation. Also remember to be respectful in you actions, words and deeds towards one another.

Safety Glasses/Goggles

v      Safety glasses or Safety Goggles are to be worn at all times when machine and tool work is active.

v      Report ALL accidents and injuries to instructor for immediate attention


v      Students are directly responsible for all school equipment they are issued or use. Use equipment ONLY after you have received safe operating instructions. If you have not received safety instruction and/or score a 100% on the appropriate safety test then do not use equipment. The student will pay for any equipment damaged through negligence.


v      Students are directly responsible District Computer equipment they are issued or use. Use equipment ONLY after you have received instructors permission and sign a computer use agreement.  The student may have to pay for any equipment damaged through negligence. 

Design and Drawing Equipment

v      Each student will be assigned a specific set of tools and equipment. Said equipment will be used by other student in other courses. It is your responsibility and to your best advantage to keep your LOANED equipment in proper working order. Damaged equipment should be reported to instructor ASAP.

Textbook and Workbook

v      Students are responsible for covering their textbook / workbook and keeping it in excellent condition if one is given to student. Both textbook and workbook must be brought to class daily. Some courses may or may not have textbooks and workbooks.  Class set MUST be maintained by ALL Students. Please keep Books neat, clean and void of marks. Put back in bookcase at end of use

Classroom Participation / Clean Up / Job Skills

v      The last seven minutes of each lab activity period will be devoted to clean up. As a general rule of thumb, always leave work areas cleaner then you found them. In all lab classes (room 904) students will be assigned a clean up task and receive an evaluation for each day of clean up. Clean up is EVERYBODY business. *** Remember Clean up IS part of classroom participation grade.  Classroom participation grade will be based on attendance, clean up, and active engagement in class work, either as individuals or in group work. In the case of excessive absences, tardiness or lack of clean up, % may exceed beyond 25%.

Grading Procedures

v    Student grades for Pathways to Engineering classes will be based on a wide range of evaluations and criteria, such as but not limited too: quizzes, tests, homework, notebook, projects, workbooks, design portfolio, class participation, employability, cooperative learning, and attendance. Possible quarter averages may be calculated as follows:                        

 Quizzes, tests, homework, notebook, projects, design portfolio, written reports =      80%                       

 Class participation / Employability Skills……………………………………...…..  =      20% 

 Final course grades will be calculated as follows:                        

Final class average  (Project Based)……………………………………………….   =      80%                       

Final Exam …………….…………..…………………………………………..…….   =      20%                       

I have read these rules with instructor and my class. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and I fully understand all of these rules listed above. I will obey all rules to the best of my ability. Please Sign Below.

StudentName ____________________________________­­_______________         Date _____________________  

Parent(s) or Guardian(s)____________________________________________       Date _____________________ 

Parent(s) or Guardian(s)___________________________________________        Date _____________________