WHS History Department


Welcome to the Willard High School History Department Website. We hope this site provides students a supplement to their learning experience here at WHS.

Mission Statement

Willard High School History program is dedicated to advance the political and historical knowledge of students so they may take their place as citizens of Missouri, as well as America.


Graduates will . . .

1. Understand the relationship of an individual to American society.

2. Understand cultures other than their own.

3. Understand their role as a consumer in society.

4. Understand the principles of our government so that they may make informed decisions as citizens.

5. Understand the chronology of historical world events and how they are related.

6. Understand the importance of human interaction and social behaviors.

7. Be able to research and interpret information in our technological world.

8. Acquire a foundation of skills to evaluate the accuracy of information and the reliability of its sources.

9. Acquire a foundation of skills to organize data, information, and ideas into useful form.

10. Acquire knowledge and skills in social studies to prepare them for the transition from school to the workplace or to higher education.