Love that Dog


Love that Dog                Joanna Cotler Books ©2001
Sharon Creech                   86 pages

Summary: Love that Dog is a small poetry book that tells a one-sided conversation between a male student and his teacher. He writes and discusses issues with his teacher. The boy shares his love for his dog and the heartache he feels when the dog is hit by a car.

Character Description:

The student is a reluctant writer.

The teacher is a caring and creative individual who encourages building a rapport with her students.

Personal Reflection: This book fits the pinky-rule, thereby making it fantastic for reluctant readers. It is written on just a few pages in poetry form. Since it is from the viewpoint of a boy, other male students may be more apt to read the book.

     Poetry and Rhymes
     Diaries and Journals

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Discussion Questions:

1. How does the author let you know waht happened to the dog?

2. Do you think it was confusing the way the teacher never actually talked?