Tuck Everlasting


Tuck Everlasting                 Square Fish ©2007
Natalie Babbitt                       139 pages

Summary:  The Tucks travel quietly around the countryside, never staying in one place too long. They want to keep their secret hidden; the secret of a spring in the woods. This spring has the ability to give eternal life. But for 11-year-old Winnie Foster, time seems to drag by in her house bordering the woods. When she discovers Jesse Tuck in the woods behind her house, she eventually learns the secret of the spring and falls in love with his family. Unfortunately, like most stories, there is a villian whose goal is to steal their secret.

Character Descriptions:

Winnie Foster is an 11-year-old girl who is the only child in and overly protected home. She secretly wants to run away from her situation and leave her yard.

Mae Tuck is the mother of the Tuck family. She is very kind and compassionate.

Angus Tuck is the father and somewhat harsh; however, he makes Winne feel welcome and she in return loves him. He is a wise man and reminds his family to keep the spring a secret.

Jesse Tuck is the youngest son of the Tuck family and stopped aging at 17. His free spirit causes some ruffles in the family when he tells Winnie about the spring. Ultimately, Jesse and Winnie fall in love.

Personal Reflection: This book provides the reader with a new perspective when given the choice to drink from the spring or not. Students will find the choices Winnie makes are similiar in a smaller scale to what they may face in their own life.


     Changes and New Experiences
     Confronting and Resolving Fears
     Courage and Honor
     Growing Up

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Discussion Questions:

1. What might happen if the secret was revealed to the public?

2. If given the opportunity, would you drink from this spring? Why or why not?