Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky


Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky          Scholastic ©2006
Francene Sabin and Joanne Mattern                        50 pages

Summary: The world's greatest female flier, Amelia Earhart, lived a life full of adventures. She set many speed and altitude records, and won several metals and honors. Though girls her age were not to do things boys do, her parents encouraged Amelia and her sister to do just that, and they did. Read all about her adventures!

Character Description:

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 at her grandparents home in Atchinson, Kansas. Her first encounter with planes and aviation was in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fair. Throughout her life, she received many honors and metals.

Personal Reflection: The authors do a great job retelling Amelia's story. There are numerous accounts of childhood memories and will draw the attention of young readers wanting to learn about aviation. Because this book is relatively small, it is a great choice for reluctant readers.


     American History
     Courage and Honor
     Equality, Fairness, and Justice
     Jobs, Careers and Work
     Leadership and Responsibility
     Women's Rights
     Women's Rights Movement

Discussion Questions:

1. During Amelia's childhood, girls were not allowed to do what boys do, why? Explain.

2. After reading Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky, explain what you think might have happened to Amelia and Fred Noonan on their trip around the equator.