Marie Curie: Brave Scientist

Marie Curie: Brave Scientist         Scholastic ©2005
Keith Brandt and Joanne Mattern             45 pages

Summary: From an early age, Marie Curie had an interest in science. The Sklodowski family did not have much money, but education did matter. Mr. Sklodowski, Marie's father, was a professor of mathematics and physics at a boys' school. This is where Marie's love for physics began to shine. She was the first female to ever win a Nobel Prize, and was the first person to ever win two of them!

Character Description:

Marie Curie was born on Novemeber 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. She began to read at the young age of four, and her love from physics blossomed soon after that. Because her parents valued education, her life was spent reading textbooks and spending time with school aged children. By the end of her life, she and her husband, Pierre, had discovered two elements we still use today. She was the first to receive two Nobel prizes!

Personal Reflection: The authors do a great job telling the story of Marie Curie in a student friendly manner, and highlight the most important events effectively. Because the book is relatively small, it is a great choice for reluctant readers.


     Atoms and molecules
     Women's History

Discussion Questions:

1. For what reasons did Marie Curie have to stay home and not attend school?

2. What elements did Marie and her husband, Pierre, discover, and are they still used by scientists today?