Shiloh                                     Scholastic ©2000
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor             137 pages

Summary: Marty Preston finds a young beagle in the hills behind his home in Friendly, West Virginia. From the dog's mannerisms, he believes the dog is being mistreated. As it turns out, the beagle is Judd Travers, and Marty decides to name him "Shiloh." Because of the connection Shiloh and Marty make, Marty decides he will do anything to keep Shiloh from Judd by hiding him in the woods behind their house. Marty is faced with tough decisions. Should he tell his parents? Should he return the beagle to Judd?

Character Descriptions:

Marty Preston is an 11-year-old boy who enjoys the outdoors and finds a dog near the Shiloh Bridge in Friendly, WV. He quickly forms a friendship with the beagle and decides he must have the dog. Marty is faced with a number of ethical dilemmas regarding the Shiloh.

Judd Travers is a local resident in Friendly, WV and has been known to abuse his animals. When he becomes suspicious about the whereabouts of his young beagle, Judd drives to the Preston's home and discusses the repercussions of stealing a man's dog.

Personal Reflection: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor in her book, Shiloh, highlights the issues young adolescents go through when facing tough decisions. This novel is a great resource for character education. For those students who have an interest in animal safety and animals in general, they will find this book pleasing and easy to read.

     Realistic Fiction

     Character and Values
     Courage and Honor
     Equality, Fairness and Justice

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Discussion Questions:

1. How does finding Shiloh change the way Marty views the mistreatment of animals?

2. What ethical and moral values are Marty faced with throughout this novel? Do you agree or disagree?

3. Should he tell his parents? Should he return the beagle to Judd? Explain your reasoning.