Alone in the Ice World


Alone in the Ice World           Scholastic © 2005
MaryAnn Easley                                127 pages

Summary: Allison Atwood is leaving life as she knew it, with her dad in California, behind on her way to Alaska to stay with her mom. The small bush plane she is traveling in with Johnny Syke goes down, and Johnny is killed instantly, leaving Allison all alone in foreign icy woods. Ikayauq, an Eskimo trapper, rescues her and brings her to his village. As any young girl would, Allison is desperate to leave the unfamiliar surroundings of this village to find her mom. She becomes friends with Matu, Ikayauq's grandson, and convinces him to take her to the coast. Halfway to the  coast, Matu stops at his relatives village and decides to stay. At first, Allison is looked upon as an outsider and has trouble making friends; however, she befriends a deaf girl, Oolik, and spend her time teaching her sign language.

Character Description:

Allison Atwood is a 14-year-old girl who is on her way to visit her mother in Alaska when her bush plane crashes near the Artic Circle.

Matu is a young Eskimo who has attended school on the coast, and is convinced to help Allison find her mother.

Personal Reflection: Overall, this novel used imagery to create a vivid picture in the reader's mind, and kept the reader engaged in suspense throughout the story. However, the names of the Eskimos may cause some problem for readers, because they are hard to pronounce and uncommon to names we are accustomed.  



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Discussion Questions:

1. When the fire breaks out at the general store, Allison notes there are not emergency vehicles or running water. What surprises her about how everyone acted? Would this be something that would happen today?

2. After Oolik learns to sign, the villagers begin to accept her. Why do you think the villagers thought she was not any good? How can you use what you learned about Oolik today?