Everest: The Contest


Everest: The Contest             Scholastic ©2002
Gordon Korman                             137 pages

Summary: Everest: The Contest begins with Dominic searching desperately for a V, he already had E  E R E S T, under the caps of Summit Athletic Fuel and on the inside wrappers of Summit Energy Bars because it was an opportunity to try out for a chance to climb Mount Everest. Dominic's older brother, Chris, already was trying out. There was a race to see who would be the youngest to summit Everest. Dominic just wanted a chance to climb.

Character Description:

Dominic, younger brother to Chris, is an avid mountain climber.

Perry is a timid teenager who is afraid of heights. He is being pressured into climbing by a rich uncle.

Cicero is an accomplished rock climber and a guide to Everest.

Personal Response: This novel is a great choice for boys because of the sports aspect of rock climbing. Reluctant readers may also find this book interesting because it is relatively small. Because it is the first book in the Everest Trilogy, students may be more motivated to keep reading. The author has several other adventure trilogies, which may encourage students to read as well.


     Determination and Perseverance

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Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think is exciting about climbing Everest?

2. Do you think Dominic should have disobeyed Cap's orders?