Everest: The Summit


Everest: The Summit            Scholastic ©2002
Gordon Korman                           154 pages

Summary: This book begins with the characters finally at Camp Four on Everest. The Sherpas, natives to Nepal, have packed all supplies up the mountain for the climbers. Tilt, a rowdy, self-centered climber is convinced and determined to be the youngest climber on Everest. Putting safety aside, he plows past the rules and other climbers. When worried he would not summit first, he turns the oxygen down on Dominic causing him to struggle and almost die. After finding out he is responsible for the near death of a fellow climber, Tilt takes off alone to save them; he never makes it.

Character Description:

Tilt is a self-absorbed climber who learns a life lesson on Everest.

Personal Reflection: Everest: The Summit is a small book, so it is beneficial to reluctant readers. Boys who are avid sports fans will also enjoy this adventurous book about summiting.


     Courage and Honor
     Determination and Perseverance
     Friends and Friendship

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Discussion Questions:

1. How did Tilt change from the beginning of the book to the end?

2. Evaluate the differences that each camp provided.