Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude


Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude         Walker and Company ©2005
Kevin O'Malley                                               29 pages

Summary: This is a very colorful and beautifully illustrated picture book by Kevin O'Malley. It is a story of a boy and a girl having to write a story. They disagree about the best characters, settings, problem, and solution of their story. The boy's character is a burley motorcycle dude while the girl's character is a beautiful and graceful princess. The boy and girl argue right up to "THE END."

Character Descriptions:

The burley motorcycle dude is a rough character who does not think a story should include a princess.

The graceful princess is a beautiful character who feels the same as the motorcycle dude; the two characters do not mix in the same story.

Personal Reflection: This picture book is great for boys and girls, and can be used for writer's workshop. The book can also be adapted for a reader's theater.

      Picture Book
     Comedy and Humor

Discussion Questions:

1. How was the boy's version different from the girls?

2. What story elements are evident in the book?

3. Which story was the best? Why?