Library Mouse


Library Mouse                 Abrams ©2007
Daniel Kirk                         32 pages

Summary: This picture book is about a little mouse who writes several stories of various genres. He leaves them on the shelves in the library. Ultimately, the children find them, read them, and are eager to meet the author. To bashful to be about the students, the Sam sets up a display to show all students are authors. He then sets of to write more and more stories in his little hole in the library.

Character Descriptions:

Sam is a little mouse who lives in a little hole in the library. After reading numerous books, he decides he is going to write what he knows.

Personal Reflection: Like most picture books, Library Mouse is an asset to writer's workshop, and teaches genres in an interesting way to students.

     Comedy and Humor
     Jokes and Riddles


Discussion Questions:

1. The mouse implies all children are authors. Do you agree?

2. Are you an author?

3. What is your favorite type of story?