2/3 Homework- Bring in signed contract.

2/4 Homework- Read handout on Renaissance. Answer 3 questions on separate piece of paper

2/5 Homework: Write a letter to your friend in China telling them what life is like during the Renaissance in Europe

2/6 Homework: 1) Draw your own art- One Medieval painting and one Rennaissance painting. Use the techniques and subjects of the time period.

                             2) Renaissance Castle Learning Assignment

2/9  No Homework

2/10 No Homework

2/11 Scientific Revolution handout

2/12 Essay exam tomorrow! Organize your notes to be used during exam.

2/23 Review Sheet due Wednesday. STUDY!

2/26 Pretend you are a European explorer, write a letter home telling your family about your journey to new lands. 

3/3 Equiano handout questions

3/4 Homework: Pretend you were taken from Africa to the Americas as a slave. Write a diary entry about your capture, your trip to Americas, and your life once you arrived there.

3/5 Castle Learning


3/6  Review Sheet and Castle Learning Test on Monday

3/9 Create an outline for you essay tomorrow

3/10 Extra credit one pagers due

3/11  Queen Elizabeth reading. Create a word web

3/12 Create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Queen Elizabeth and Louis XIV

 3/15 Which Enlightenment thinker do you most agree with? Locke or Hobbes? 8-10 sentences

3/17 Study for test on Friday. Castle learning due Friday. Review sheet due Friday

3/24 Could the French Revolution have been avoided? Answer in 8 sentences


3/25 Textbook page 483 #1,3,4,5 

3/30 1.Questions from small slip of paper for your project tomorrow.

          2. Napoleon report card

SPRING BREAK HW: 2 castle learning assignments

4/6- Review sheet. Study for test.  

4/20 read page 505-509 # 2-6 on 509