2/3 Homework- Bring in signed contract. Bring in textbooks

2/4 Homework- All H4-Bring in textbooks.

  •   Period 3- 7 index cards on Egpyt.
  • Periods 5,7,9 Read handout. Which civilization would you rather live in, Egypt or Mesopotamia? Explain in two paragraphs

2/5 No Homework

2/6 Homework- Read handout on Columbian Exchange at the end of packet from yesterday on early civilizations. Answer question at the bottom.

2/9  Homework: Find a recipe and list its ingredients. Label each ingredient by its origin, is it from the New World or Old World?

2/10 No Homework

2/11 Castle Learning Assignment due Friday 2/14.

Test on Friday 2/13!!!

2/12 Castle learning Due. Finish One Pager. Answer Review Sheet questions. Bring index cards. STUDY!!!

2/25 Could Confucius's philosophies work in the United States? Write 8 or more sentences explaining why or why not

2/26 Belief Systems who am I Handout

3/5 Look for pictures on google images for your brochure

3/11 Pick one of the Golden Age we learned about. Prentend you are visiting that civilizatio and write a letter home to your family telling them what life is like there. 

3/12 Castle Learning Due Friday. Test on Friday

3/15 DBQ essay due Friday.

3/17 Reading on feudalism and manoralism

 3/18 DBQ due Friday.

3/26 pages 389-393#1,2,5 on page 388

3/30 read pages 404-407 and write down ten most important facts about India

3/31 287-290 1. What caused the Opium Wars? What were its results? 2. Define Sphere of Influence. 3. What occured during the Boxer Rebellion?

4/1 Castle learning due Friday

4/6- Review sheet. Study for test.

SPRING BREAK HW:  castle learning assignment

4/20 Read pages 322-326 1. Define: Fascism, Five Year plans, concentration camps. 2. How did Mussolini change Italy? 3. How did Stalin change Russia? 4. How did Hitler change Germany? 5. How are Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler similar?