When will the Spelling test be?

Spelling Homework will be given at the start of each new cycle.  The spelling test will be given on day 7 of the cycle so the day of the spelling test varies each time.  Please check here and in your child's agenda for the date of the spelling test.  Due to scheduling conflicts, spelling tests dates may be pushed back if needed.


What activities can we do???

Stuents have been given several papers with many different spelling activities to choose from when doing their spelling homework (please keep them in their homework folders or staple into their spelling journals). 


How many activities do they have to do?

Students must complete 5 spelling activities each cycle.  They must use ALL of their words for each activity.


What if my child does an activity and it can't be turned in on paper?

If your child completes an activity online or in a way that cannot be done on paper, please email me saying what they did.  This email must arrive by the date that spelling homework is due.  It will not count if I receive the email after homwork was due.


Where can I find the spelling words if my child misplaces their copy of the words?  Here!  Spelling words will be updated each cycle.


The Year of the Rat Spelling words

Pattern:  /ou/, /o/

1. aloud

2. bald

3. hawk

4. south

5. faucet

6. proud

7. claw

8. tower

9. stalk

10. couple

11. howl

12. false

13. dawn

14. allow

15. drown

16. pause

17. fault

18. cause

19. amount

20. cloudier